Research Involvement

Locally funded research
Research/Project  Title Duration           Funding Agency    

Documenting local health and health care perspectives towards developing health delivery models for Mountain Province: Proposal for Research Stage 1

Multidisciplinary collaborative research: Luke Foundation, University of the Philippines Baguio; Saint Louis University, Benguet State University and the Mt. Province Polytechnic College
Under the Cordillera Region Health Research and Development Consortium
Principal Investigators: Marian C. Sanchez, Executive Officer, Luke Foundation and Erlinda Castro-Palaganas, PhD, RN, Professor, University of the Philippines Baguio
Co-Investigator: Ruth Batani, PhD, Professor, Benguet State University; Rufina Abul, Professor, MAN, RN, Saint Louis University; Georgina Maskay, MAN, RN, Mt. Province State Polytechnic College

Universal Health Care Study Group
National Institutes of Health
University of the Philippines Manila
Department of Health Policy and Administration
College of Public Health
University of the Philippines Manila
Fely Marilyn E. Lorenzo, RN, DrPH
Professor V
Department of Health Policy and Administration
College of Public Health
Ma. Esmeralda C Silva , MPA,MSPPM, PhD
Emerito Jose A. Faraon, MD, MBA
TJ Robinson Moncatar, RN, MPH
Ramon Pedro Planas Paterno, MD, MPH
Marlene Mae Rillera Bermejo, MD
Erlinda Castro-Palaganas, PhD, RN
Jusie Lydia J. Siega-Sur, RN, MHPEd
Juan Antonio De Jesus Ricarte, MD, MPH
Ramon Lorenzo Luis Rosa Guinto, MD

Reconfiguring Primary Health Care within the Context of Universal Health Care / Kalusugan Pangkalahatan (Research of UP-Manila with DOH National; con-investigator for the Cordilleras)

Mutidisciplinary Team: Lorenzo, Marilyn Fe, (UP Manila-CPH; Principal Investigator); Paterno, Ramon (UPManila-NIH; co-investigator); Silva, Ma. Esmeralda (UP Manila-CPH; co-investigator); Faraon,Emerito Jose (UP Manila-CPH; co investigator); Bermejo, Marlene Mae (UP Manila-NIH; co-investigator); Guinto, Ramon Lorenzo (UP Manila-CM; co-investigator); Palaganas, Erlinda (UPB-IM; co-investigator)

January-December 2017




























June 2015-May 2016

Funded by the Department of Health-CAR



























Philippine Council for Health Research and Development-Department of Science and Technology with the Department of Health (PCHRD-DOST-DOH)



Re-engendering S&RH Services- Evaluation and Strategy Directions for Marie Stopes Clinics in the Philippines (Principal Investigator)

March 2015-February 2016 Population Services Pilipinas, Inc.



Knowledge,  Experiences and Practices of Ethics Reviewers relevant to gender issues in research proposal evaluation  (co-investigator)

Multidisciplinary Team: Castillo, Fatima (UP Manila-CAS; Principal Investigator); Gregorio Jr, Ernesto (UP Manila, CPH; co-investigator); Manalastas, Gregorio (UPManila-CM; co-investigator) and Palaganas, Erlinda (UPB-IM; co-investigator)

Feb 2015-Jan 2016 Commission on Higher Education


A Retrospective Study of the Nurse Licensure Examination Performance of Graduates of Philippine Colleges of Nursing (NLE Foci: December 2006-Nov. 2009); Pre-test: Nov. 2009)

A collaborative study of the PRC-Board of Nursing, Association of Deans of Colleges of Nursing in the Philippines (ADPCN) and the Philippine Nursing Research Society, Inc. (PNRS). (co-investigator)

March 2010-June 2010 (Pre-test)



June 2010-Dec 2010

Professional Regulation Commission-Board of Nursing (PRC-BON)

Health Situation Survey and Orientation/Feedback Sessions for Staff and Other Stakeholders on the Knowledge, Practices and Coverage (KPC) of the  CPFI’S Community Based Health Program (Principal Investigator)

March-June 2009 The Church and Community Fund (CCF)


Baseline Assessment for Malaria Control And Prevention Program Paracelis, Mt. Province  (principal Investigator)

December 2007-May2008 Episcopal Church of the Philippines


The “glass ceiling” phenomenon and the women entrepreneurs in the Cordilleras (Professorial Chair)

January 2007-January 2008 UP Baguio Professorial Chair


6th COUNTRY PROGRAM BASELINE STUDY: Indicators for the Ten Provinces of the Philippines (Co-investigator with Dr. Grace Castro of UPPI)

April-December 2006 UNFPA


Capacity To Express Concerns: Reproductive Health Component: “Towards a Community-Based, Gender-Responsive, Rights-Based and Integrated Reproductive Health Program in Mt.Province” (Bontoc, Sagada and Mt.Province)

Note: Three Community Needs Assessment and 4 Barangays per municipality (12 barangays); Served as basis for the PAR.  (Principal Investigator)

April –December 2005 PHSSA-CAR and UNFPA




Internationally funded research
Research/Project  Title Duration           Funding Agency    

Source Country Perspectives on the Migration of Highly Trained Health Personnel: Causes, Consequences and Responses (with researchers from the PHILIPPINES, INDIA, CARIBBEAN, SOUTH AFRICA, and TANZANIA). (co-collaborator)

2011-2014 Canadian Institute for Health, Ottawa University, Canada


Feminist Perspectives on Poverty: (Just and justifiable measure of poverty that is genuinely gender sensitive and capable of revealing gender disparities)

(Inter country study: Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji, South Africa) (co-collaborator)

(Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji, South Africa) with Australian National University as lead collaborator)

2010-2013 Australian National University


Catastrophic Out-of-Pocket expenses for inpatient care among beneficiaries of the National Health Insurance Program in the Philippines (with Makoto Tobe of Department of Global Health Policy Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo)

6 months University of Tokyo

External Evaluation: Montañosa Research & Development Center, Inc.. Support for Integrated Rural Development Program in the Cordilleras (2005-2010)

June 2010- October 2010 Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst E. V. (EED)


External Evaluation of the advocacy work on indigenous peoples’ rights in the Cordillera carried out by Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) as local researcher counterpart for the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA),

March-April 2010 International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA)

Pre-Test of DOH-CAR’s Family Health Diary

February   2010 DOH-CAR-JICA

Supervisory Manual for Public Health Nurses
(Joint project of health Gov and Department of Health National;

October 2008-May 2009
(Pre-testing of manual ongoing)
USAID through Health Gov

2006 UNFPA 5th Country Program Baseline Study

April-December 2006 UNFPA though UPPI

Gender Responsive and Rights Based Integrated RH Service Delivery: A Training Manual

January – December 2005; Printing 2006 UNFPA through NCRFW and DOH

Towards a Community-Based Gender Responsive, Rights-Based Reproductive Program in Mt. Province: Community Needs Assessment

April 2005-December 2005 PHSSA-CAR and UNFPA